Deadpool cupcakes! Basically a cupcake I’ve been planning since they announced his game at SDCC.

Fun Fact: The Merc with the mountain of frosting has his very own stack of itty bitty pancakes, topped with a teeny pat of ‘butter’ and ‘maple syrup’. The funniest thing about that is that it took me close to an hour to get the consistency and color of real maple syrup with piping gel, only for some smart guy in my kitchen to go "Why not use real syrup?"

Smart me.

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Loki cupcakes from my Avengers cupcake series!

I have been taunting y’all with this cupcake for weeks. But it was totally worth the wait, no?

*Fun Fact: Loki’s helmet is made from 24 separate fondant pieces, and took over 3 days to put together. It’s pretty screen accurate- besides it being edible! His horns are actually carved pieces of fondant that started as solid rectangles.

[More of the Avengers cupcake series will be coming soon! When they are all done they will be available for purchase as high-res prints. Woo for shameless selling of cupcake art!]

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Best Captain America cake ever.

(Hat tip: Reddit)

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Batman Cupcakes [ x ]

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Happy Little Psychopaths Batman Cookies! [Part 1 of 2]

I’m working on a paper craft for an art show, and I thought that my designs would look really cool on cookies- so when I got an order for ‘Just Batman Cookies’ I got so excited.

I used the same method you would for a paper craft- instead cutting different thicknesses of fondant to create a cookie with depth. Resulting in a batch of cookies with entirely too much detail to eat and not feel guilty about.

Can you guess which series I drew inspiration from?

I suggest you click each photo to check out some of the details: Like Poison Ivy’s Venus flytrap plants, Harley’s curls, Two Face’s jacket and more.

5” Cookies, 26 hours and 11 episodes of Doctor Who.

Part 1 of two because there is just so many.

Part 1  Part 2

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Today Batman and I made cupcakes. It was a bonding thing.

(The flan was Wally’s.)

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Batman Cupcakes :)

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"Don’tcha wanna rev up ya harley!?"
Vroom vroom!
((Slightly revamped Ame Comi Harley Quinn cosplay minus arm warmers and wrist frills :3))

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